Zenith 14233 Carburetor


New Zenith 14233 Carburetor. 0-14233C  33AC8CGA. Used on Ford VSG-411 1.1 liter and VSG-413 1.3 liter 4 cylinder engines and others. Ford part F8JL-9510-KA . Wholesale priced for Mechanics, Business, and Resellers. Made in USA. 1 year warranty

Partial refund is  available if the following NEW item is returned:

Amount $250 - The Actuator and its rubber boot are returned within 14 days.

** NOTE; There were many carbs made for the Ford VSG engines....we have them all, if this does not look like your carburetor...You can enter "VSG" in the SEARCH box to see available carburetors, or contact us for your application **