Engine Distributors

PerTronix Industrial engine distributors for Allis Chalmers, Continental, Perkins, Waukesha and Wisconsin Engines. Pertronix distributors improve performance and reliability from norfar.com.  Pertronix is the leading producer of electronic distributors for gas, propane and LP powered industrial engines. Many Wisconsin and Continental engines are equipped with Pertronix industrial distributors from the factory. Proven performance, reduced maintenance downtime, improved economy, faster starts and extended tune-up intervals.

These industrial distributors are also direct replacements for many point type Delco, and Prestolite distributors. Integrated Ignitor electronic ignition technology eliminates the need for points and condenser. The light weight yet durable distributor housings have a superior venting system and "O" ring seal to reduce oil leakage around the distributor. Each distributor comes with a non-tracking cap, rotor and dust cover.

  • Warranty: 30 months Ignitor module / 90 days mechanical.