Zenith Model 33 Carburetor

The Zenith 33 Carburetor Series are a downdraft design used on engine Size 30-140 CID. Currently there are over 100 Zenith Model 33 Carburetor Applications and several Zenith Model 33 Carburetor kit  available. Depending on the carburetor there are different throttle Bores of 1.181 to 1.865 inch and a choke bore of 1.804 inch. Various venturi diameters and fuel inlet locations are used depending on the application. Choke and throttle levers can be located on either side of the carburetor depending on the desired design.
The throttle shafts use lip seals to minize air leakage and they also seal out any contamination. The throttle body is Die Cast Construction. Some models feature an integrated electronic fuel system that helps maintain precise engine speed control with no drop over the full power range of the engine. The optional power and acceleration systems plus the availability of a fuel shut-off solenoid and automatic choke, add to the versatility of this carburetor.

The Zenith Model 33 design is made in USA with a 1 year warranty.