Zenith 14007 Carburetor


New Zenith 14007 carburetor fits Farmall Tractors: A, Super A, A-21, A-I, A1, AV, AV-1, B, BN, C, Super C, 100, 130, 200, 230 and others. Replaces: 373957R91, 373959R91, 373961R91, 372098R93, 366462R94, 366306R91, 366306R92, 366306R93, 373962R91, 373978R91, 354892R92, 354892R91, 372983R91, 354892R93,  385507R91, 385608R91, 48616D, 362384R91, 362385R91,  69401D, 69402D, 69404D, 377600R91, 375560R91, 52499DC, 52499DD, 52499DE, 352047R91, 372985R92, 355485R92, 356901R91, 356902R92, 355485R91, 3454892R92, 352377R92, 354184R93, 354185R92, 52499DA and 52499DB. Wholesale priced for Mechanics, Business, and Resellers. Made in USA. 1 year warranty. 68X7.

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