Perkins G4236 Engine Distributor


The Pertronix D41-20A Engine Distributor improves performance and reliability of your equipment, from Fits Perkins G4236 four cylinder engines. Wholesale priced for businesses, resellers and equipment distributors.

A: 8.25
B: 2.13
C: 1.06
D: 1.69
E: 1.05

Drive: Gear

Rotation: Counter Clockwise


* Durable yet lightweight housing
* Integrated Ignitor Electronic technology
* Superior venting system
* ‘O’ ring seal prevents oil leakage
* Precision engineered module switches 2 times more
energy than other electronic ignition system
* Timing remains constant with an amazing 1/4°
accuracy all the way down to zero RPM
* Effective RPM range of 0 to 6000
* Non-tracking cap and rotor
* Warranty: 30 months Ignitor module / 90 days

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