Bridge Analyzer Model 9004 4-gas Emission Analyzer


All 4 Gases in a 5 Lb Battery Powered Gas Analyzer!


Full-featured portable 4 gas analyzer that you can hold in your hand.

  • Identical to larger machines, uses 30-year time proven NDIR and chemical sensor technologies for reliable, accurate 4 gas measurement.
  • Measures CO, CO2, O2, and HC making it a 4 gas analyzer.
  • Self-powered on its own internal battery pack – 2 ½ hours roaming capability.
  • In production for over 10-years – time proven in hundreds of applications.
  • Fast – data available in 30 seconds – updates 4 times per second.
  • Real time tuning calculations – Lambda/AFR and Combustion Efficiency.
  • 4 Gases include O2 and CO2 – allows detection and correction of air dilution for better tuning.
  • Includes: exhaust probe and hose, cigarette lighter power plug and cable, external 12vdc supply, vehicle battery clips, spare filter set, carrying/storage case and manual.