Bridge Analyzer Model 900303 2-Gas Emission Analyzer


  • A fully Infrared CO and HC 2 gas analyzer that you can hold in your hand.
  • Identical to larger machines, uses 30-year time proven NDIR technology for reliable, accurate gas measurement in a modern small instrument.
  • Instant On using vehicle 12 vdc power – pick up, hook up, and go.
  • The Simplest, Lowest Cost EGA for Motorcycle and Forklift Tuning using CO and HC.
  • Fast – stable readings – updates gas readings 4 times per second for fast tuning response.
  • Fuel selection feature for Gasoline, Propane, or CNG fueled vehicles.
  • Rugged, simple to use . all digital design provides reliability with ease of use. Zero calibrates on room air in 30 seconds by removing the probe from the tailpipe, letting readings stabilize and pushing Zero button. Water trap built into probe – just empty it at the end of gas testing, and you are good to go.

Model 900303 Overview:

For years, CO and HC have been used for performance tuning – but the 2-Gas analyzers being used today are 25 years old! The Model 900303 is a modern infrared and microprocessor-controlled full-featured two gas (CO & HC) gas analyzer that offers you the unparalleled convenience of a hand-held with the reliability and simplicity of a modern digital gas analyzer. The size and power of this instrument makes it the simplest and easiest to use performance tuning gas analyzer.

Performance you can count on:
The Model 900303 has been in production for 10 years, and has proven to be one of the most reliable gas analyzers available. It provides accurate gas measurement in a simple, reliable package . a perfect tool for basic gas analyzer based diagnostics and tuning.

The Model 900303 analyzer has been specified as an analyzer of choice for major motorcycle and forklift manufacturers . and is listed as a necessary dealer tool for performance tuning.

Flexible Operation on any engine:
The 900303 is a low flow analyzer with superior gas filtering . enabling it to be used on 2 cycle or even diesel engines without concern of analyzer contamination. The low gas sampling rate does not mitigate the analyzer response time . it is still one of the fastest gas analyzers around.

Complete and ready to go:
The Model 900303 includes all the accessories required for long-term operation – exhaust probe and hose, cigarette lighter power plug and cable, vehicle battery clips, spare filter pack, carrying/storage case and manual are included. The analyzer is complete and ready to go as delivered. (less battery pack and charger - See model 900323)